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How to Avoid the Wearing of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer Spare Parts

Apr 29, 2020

In the construction process of the self loading transit mixer, how to effectively avoid the wearing of self loading mobile concrete mixer spare parts? Four tips are offered for your reference.

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1. The extra load of the self loading mixer

The load nature and weight of the mixer truck has an important impact on the loss of equipment parts. The wear of general mechanical parts will increase with the increase of the load. When the load on the parts is higher than the design, the wearing will be very serious. Therefore, do not overuse the machine.

2. Clean in time to reduce the influence of mechanical impurities on the equipment

Mechanical impurities generally refer to dust, mud and some metal shavings, grease, etc. that occur during the operation of the construction machinery. Once they enter the inside of the each parts, it will not only increase the friction force, but also increase the fuel consumption.

3. Prevent the corrosion of the spare parts

The corrosion of spare part is not easy to be found sometimes, but continued operation of corroded parts will also accelerate the wear of the machinery. This requires managers and operators to adopt reasonable construction arrangements based on the local weather conditions and site conditions at the time to minimize the harm of chemical corrosion to mechanical parts.

4. Keep the normal working temperature of each part

In operation, each part has its normal working temperature. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the strength of the parts, so it is necessary to keep the stable temperature of each part through he coolant and lubricant oil.

Many mechanical equipment’s failure is caused by the wearing of the parts at the beginning. Extra attention on the protection of spare parts will help to extend the service life of the self loading concrete mixer truck.

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