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The Upward Piping Tips of Diesel Concrete Mixing Pump

Apr 29, 2020

With the the development of the city, the newly-built buildings are getting higher and higher, and the requirements for building construction are also higher, especially for the pumping height of the diesel concrete mixing pump.

How can the concrete be smoothly pumped to the needed height. This needs a certain skill. When the concrete mixing pump is installed vertically upward, the gravity of the concrete in the pipeline will produce countercurrent pressure, that is, back pressure, during the process of pumping reverse or suspending pumping.

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The higher the vertical tube height, the greater the back pressure. This pressure will reduce the volumetric efficiency of the concrete, affect the displacement of the concrete mixer machine with pump, and cause the concrete to segregate and block the pipe. Therefore, when laying the pipe vertically upward, we must try to overcome the back pressure.

When the vertical height is high or limited by the site, it is difficult to balance the back pressure only by setting a horizontal pipe, then it is advisable to set up a cannula between the conical pipe and the straight pipe. When the pumping is stopped, the close of cannula will prevent backflow of concrete.

When the vertical height is low, set a horizontal pipe of a certain length between the lower end of the vertical pipe and the concrete mixing pump factory, which make use of the friction resistance between the concrete in the horizontal pipe and the wall of the conveying pipe to balance the back pressure. Generally, the length ratio of horizontal pipe to vertical pipe is 1: 3, and should not be less than 15 meter.

When the vertical height is high, a buffer elbow can be added in the middle of the vertical pipes. The frictional resistance between the concrete in the elbow and the wall of the conveying pipe can be used to balance the back pressure to prevent the concrete from flowing back.

In addition, the construction workers should regularly check the wall thickness of the pipeline of the concrete mixer pump factory. If it is found that the wall thickness is worn, it should be replaced immediately, and the pipes undertaking high pressure should be replaced together.

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