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Installation and Maintenance Guide of Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Nov 26, 2019

Hot mix asphalt plant is a relatively important equipment for road construction. The normal production of asphalt batch plant depends on the reliable electrical system.

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The installation of hot asphalt plant mainly includes foundation, mechanical metal structure installation, electrical system installation and commissioning, and asphalt heating parts and pipeline installation.

Regardless of whether the asphalt station is installed or relocated to a new site, personnel engaged in electrical installation and maintenance must be be familiar with the control mode and principle of the entire electrical system, the system distribution and some key control devices with the knowledge of the asphalt working principle. Then, the installation will be relatively easy.

asphalt hot mix plant.jpgAfter the asphalt hot mix plant is installed, we also need to pay attention to daily maintenance. First, do a full inspection. The contents of the inspection include if there are enough amount of oil at each lubrication point, if the hopper is clean and if the working status of each motor, instrument indication and signal system are normal.

Then, the adjustment of the equipment. The maintenance personnel needs to ensure the cylinders and valves meet the requirements.

The last tip is a regular cleaning to prevent concrete residues from consolidating. One thing to keep in mind is to drain the water in the air compressor, air tank and filter in time to maintain a better working condition.

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