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What Is the Structural Features of Counter-Current Mixers

Apr 10, 2020

The counter-current mixer is mainly made up of motor, reducer, bucket cover(with observation door, maintenance door, gas spring, limit switch, etc.), mixing device(mixing shaft and mixing blades) and the mixing tank( with mixer liner).

Due to different volume, the inner structure and space of different models is also different. The number of the discharging doors, the lifting hopper and the various weighing scales can be customized according to customer needs.


The Mixing System

The agitating arm and its blades perform planetary movement, forming continuous agitating trajector and strong mixing power.

The angle of the agitating blades is reasonable, helpful for improving the mixing efficiency and reducing the wear of the liner and the blades.

The bottom scraper cleans the bottom material, the side scraper cleans the side material, realizing self cleaning while mixing and contributing to speed the discharging efficiency.

Inspection door with visible observation window

The wide-opening maintenance door is convenient for maintenance.

With a special sealing strip and safety switch, it can ensure the operation safety.

The inspection door is provided with a visible observation window, which can observe the condition of the mixing material during normal operation of the mixer.

Unloading system

The discharge system of planetary mixer for sale can be pneumatic or hydraulic.

The position and number of discharge doors (up to three discharge doors can be opened) can be selected according to customer requirements.

The discharge door is provided with a special sealing strip, safe and reliable.

There is a manual unloading device beside the hydraulic pump. You can manually unload the material in the mixing tank in an emergency.

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