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How to Design 8m3 concrete truck

Apr 13, 2020

In a commercial concrete mixing plant, after the concrete production is completed, the concrete needs transporting from the mixing plant to the construction site. Here we need a concrete mixer truck. At present, 8m3 concrete truck is a popular model.


Small concrete truck is a machine with comprehensive performance combining the mixing device and the chassis. Therefore, the design of the concrete truck for sale should fully consider both parts and their relationships to get a reasonable structure and has a satisfying working performance.

In recent years, with the promotion of commercial concrete in China, the superior property of 8m3 concrete truck has attracted many manufacturers to join the the design and research of the mixer truck. The production of the mixer truck has evolved from the introduction of assembly of foreign parts to the independent design.

There are three design methods for the concrete mixer truck. One is experiment-aided design that the selection and rough calculation of the structure in the design must be corrected by the experimental results to obtain more ideal structural performance.

The other method is to use the existing statistical data of the models or the the selected prototype to design a similar one.

The third type is computer-aided design, which is an advanced design method and is the future development direction. As an experienced concrete mixer truck manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has made use of this design in the manufacturing of the mixing drum and spiral blades.

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