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Where to Find a Reliable Hot Mix Plant Manufacturing Companies

Jul 15, 2022

The mobile asphalt batching plant is an ideal equipment for small road construction or road maintenance projects, with a production capacity of 10 to 80 tons per hour, which can be very easily transferred from one construction site to another. Small mobile asphalt concrete mixing plant consists of cold aggregate supply system, cold aggregate elevator, asphalt supply system, dust removal equipment, asphalt mixer, etc.

The portable concrete plant is enough to meet the needs of asphalt concrete for small projects. It can be also directly operated on the construction site and migrated with the project. The mobile asphalt mixing plant is equipped with a mixer and feeding system on the chassis, and a fixed or mobile aggregate batching machine can be selected. The size of the mobile asphalt mixing plant conforms to road transportation specifications, and can be easily transferred by tractor or ordinary truck.


It has two types: batch type mobile asphalt mixing plant and continuous asphalt plant. The batch type asphalt mixing plant features accurate weighing and high quality of the finished asphalt. It is suitable for highway engineering construction. Its output is 60~160t/h, which is suitable for road construction with small width, long roads and frequent relocation.

The continuous mobile asphalt mixing plant is usually a asphalt drum mix plant with many advantages such as high production efficiency and relatively low equipment price. The mobile drum asphalt mixing plant has the characteristics of strong mixing performance and quick installation, and is suitable for projects requiring mobile operations such as high-speed roads.

On July 10th and 11th 2020, a set of Haomei mobile asphalt drum mix plant was successfully packed in the factor and has been shipped to Southeast Asia on July 15th. If you like to find a reliable hot mix plant manufacturing company, Haomei Machinery is undoubtedly a good choice for it has many customers over Asia and Africa, which is well known for high cost performance and reliable performance.

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