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A Multifunctional Ready Mix Concrete and Pump

Mar 17, 2023

The ready mix concrete and pump machine combines mixing and pumping in one. The construction operating system is fully automated, integrating material feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. Compared with the need to comprehensively purchase mixers and concrete pumps, the cost of purchasing concrete mixing pump is relatively low.

This concrete mixer and pump can be widely used in urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshops, warehouses, docks, and other occasions where the site is narrow and the work content changes frequently. The investment risk is low, no management is required, and the operation is simple. It can be used in any project that requires concrete pouring.

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The concrete mixer with pump combines the traditional mixer and concrete pump as a whole, and welds them on a frame with a wheel axle. A small truck or a small loader can quickly move it between several construction sites, saving the interval time to the maximum extent and maximizing the compression of the piping time.

There are electric and diesel concrete mixer pump. The electric concrete mixer pump is stable and reliable, driven by a full motor, easy to maintain, and the accessories are universal. The diesel concrete mixing pump upgraded on the basis of full hydraulic pressure. The motor drive is changed to the diesel engine drive, and the output torque is larger. The motor speed is only 1500 rpm, and the diesel version reaches 1800 rpm. The output oil volume of the oil pump is increased by 20%, and the drum speed, hopper lifting speed and pumping speed are all increased by 20% compared with the same configuration.

The concrete pump with mixer machine is of easy operation and stable performance and the construction efficiency can reach 4-6 times that of the traditional concrete pump. As the above mentioned, it does not require the staff to engage in heavy physical labor, so what should the operator know?

They should have a basic knowledge of slump, maximum particle size of concrete aggregate, proportion of cement and fine aggregate, etc. The concrete mixing pump should pay attention to the correct method in the parking position and in the process of pumping concrete. The operator should also have certain equipment troubleshooting knowledge.

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