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Green Asphalt Batch Type Mix Plant in China

Jun 27, 2024

The asphalt batch type mix plant China is a kind of equipment that integrates the production, storage, weighing and transportation of asphalt mixture, and is mainly used for the production and maintenance of asphalt concrete for pavement. It can accurately weigh and mix asphalt, aggregate and other auxiliary materials to produce high-quality asphalt mixture, which is widely used in infrastructure construction fields such as roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, etc.

Compared with asphalt batch mix plant, the continuous drum type cold aggregate drying and heating is completed in the same mixing drum with the powder and asphalt mixing, so the process flow is simplified, the mixing station equipment is simple, and the manufacturing and use costs are low. Dust is difficult to escape when concrete is mixed, and it is easy to meet environmental protection standards.

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Asphalt concrete batching plant is an important equipment in the construction industry. Its exhaust gas is harmful to the environment and has a certain impact on human health. In order to reduce environmental pollution and protect the health of employees, the installation of dust removal equipment in mixing station becomes very necessary. Common dust removal equipment in mixing station includes gravity dust collector, cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector, etc.

The dust of asphalt mixing equipment is mainly generated by cold material feeding and heating. The cold aggregate feeding belt is equipped with a separate dust removal system. The fan is turned on during production and the pulse dust collector enters the working mode. When the loader is loading, the dust removal detection device detects the loader arrival signal, the corresponding silo damper valve is automatically opened, and the silo dust removal device captures the dust generated by the loader unloading.

Another main pollution emission of asphalt mixture mixing equipment is the asphalt smoke. Whether it is a fully enclosed form or a factory type, it is to solve the problem of unorganized emissions. The current asphalt fume treatment methods and dust removal and filtration technologies have developed to a fairly good level, but they are all back-end treatment technologies and have not solved the problem from the source.

Increasing R&D investment from the back end will definitely increase the overall cost, so the direction of, green asphalt plant development should be to control the generation of pollutants from the front end, especially the amount of asphalt smoke. The main advanced achievements at present include warm mixing technology and microwave heating technology.

To decrease the influence of asphalt mixing plant on the surroundings, the site selection for the installation of asphalt mixing plant is very important. In the process of selecting the site for the installation of asphalt mixing plant, we must fully consider the specific construction conditions and construction location, and try to avoid the impact of asphalt mixing plant on the surrounding environment and residents. Therefore, we should try to avoid environmental protection areas and residential areas.

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