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What Is Twin Shaft Mixer Design

Jun 18, 2024

The twin shaft concrete mixer is widely used in various construction projects, such as residential buildings, bridges, roads, etc. Its efficient mixing capacity and uniform mixing effect make it an indispensable equipment for modern construction sites. In addition, this type of mixer is also suitable for prefabricated component factories and concrete mixing plant.

The twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly composed of two horizontally connected circular trough mixing drums, two mixing shafts rotating in opposite directions and a rotating mechanism. Several sets of mixing blades are installed on the two shafts, which are staggered by a certain space, so that the mixture is mixed in turn in the two mixing drums.

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On the one hand, the mixture at the bottom and in the middle of the mixing drum is turned upward, and on the other hand, the mixture is pushed forward and backward along the axis, so that the mixture is mixed quickly and evenly.

Twin shaft mixer design

1. The two mixing shafts of the twin-shaft mixer act axially and radially, forming a three-dimensional mixing environment with the mixing space, and the mechanical forces formed include comprehensive effects such as flipping, extrusion, and dispersion.

2. There are many advantages for the use of twin-shaft mixers, but there are also some precautions for the use of the equipment, which is undeniable. Due to the design of the working mode of the mixer, the mixing blades are vulnerable parts; if the equipment is not designed reasonably, the probability of the shaft sticking phenomenon is also very high; the problem of shaft end sealing is the area where the twin-shaft mixer manufacturers have been persistently improving in recent years.

3. The main shaft sealing structure of Haomei double shaft concrete mixer uses a variety of sealing methods: floating oil ring plus multi-layer labyrinth sealing structure, which has a good sealing method and good sealing effect, reduces the leakage of slurry at the shaft end, and increases the service life of the equipment.

4. Haomei Machinery’s twin shaft concrete mixer has improved motor layout and changed into top-mounted motor installation, which improves transmission efficiency. The cylinder volume ratio is enlarged, and the design data of the stirring device is optimized to reduce stirring resistance and the probability of the stirring device sticking.

Differences between single shaft and twin shaft concrete mixer

1. The mixing process of the double-shaft mixer occurs not only in the radial direction, but also in the axial direction. Since the concrete of the twin-shaft mixer is basically piled up near the discharge door when the mixing is completed, the unloading time is short.

2. The mixing principle of single-shaft mixer is similar to that of self-falling mixer. The rotation of its mixing shaft (blade) is to raise the concrete to a certain height, and then let it fall freely to complete a mixing process.

Due to the limitation of system structure, the opening size of the discharge door is difficult to adjust, which will have a great impact on the discharge of concrete with different proportions. In addition, the discharge door is easy to get stuck during the closing process, especially in the emergency closing state.

As one of the concrete mixer manufacturers optimizing mixing effect, Haomei Machinery’s main type is twin shaft concrete mixer. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need

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