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What Is Concrete Batching Plant Cost

Jul 03, 2024

The concrete batching plant cost mainly depends on its models. The common models are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180. The referral prices are $25000, $30000, $48000, $70000, $85000, $120000 and$ 160000 respectively. The price varies slightly due to different models and configurations.

Haomei concrete batching plant mainly adopts twin shaft concrete mixer. It is mainly composed of two horizontally connected circular trough mixing drums, two mixing shafts rotating in opposite directions and a rotating mechanism. Several sets of mixing blades are installed on the two shafts, which are staggered by a certain space, so that the mixture is mixed in turn in the two mixing drums. On the one hand, the mixture at the bottom and middle of the mixing drum is turned upward, and on the other hand, the mixture is pushed forward and backward along the axis, so that the mixture is mixed quickly and evenly.

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For some high strength concrete, the customer can choose planetary concrete mixer. Its running track is more complex and dense and the mixing is complete without dead angles. And there is no problem of shaft end sealing, which is very suitable for mixing high-performance and dry hard materials. At present, it is mainly used in pipe piles, prefabricated components, ceramsite, brick making, etc.

There are two types of control systems: automatic and semi-automatic. The automatic control system is 50% more expensive than semi-automatic system. For the automatic control system, the operating platform and computer monitoring in the control room can vividly reflect the entire production process and the situation of each part, such as the cement reserves in the cement silo, the aggregate reserves in the aggregate bin, the transportation of aggregates and the discharge of concrete. Once a problem occurs in a certain part, it can be discovered and solved in time in the shortest time.

The cement silo of a concrete mixing plant is one of its key components. It is used to store and transport raw materials such as cement and fly ash, and its role is very important. There are three types: vertical cement silo, horizontal cement silo, bolted cement silo.

Horizontal cement silos do not require foundations and can be installed as long as the land is leveled. Due to the height limitation of the silo, vertical cement silos need foundations before installation, and can only be installed after the foundation is firm.

The small cement silo for sale Australia has many capacities for the customer to choose from such as 30t, 50t, 80t and 100t. The specific type of cement powder silo to match the type of concrete plant requires users to make reasonable choices based on their own conditions.

Generally, the powder batching system of a small mixing station can be equipped with two cement silos and one fly ash silo. The three powders are transported to the water and liquid mixture through their respective screw conveyors and pumped into the metering hopper.

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