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How to Build A Small Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Sep 25, 2023

Steps for building a mobile concrete batch plant

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Site selection

1. It is convenient to use water, which can save the production time of the concrete mixing station.

2. It is convenient to use electricity, because the mechanical operation depends on the electricity.

3. It is to facilitate transportation.

Things to note when building a small concrete mixing plant

1. The portable small concrete batching plant site planning and design, which can be combined with the configuration and floor area of the mixing station to be built.

2. Determination of concrete demand (daily demand of concrete and construction period).

3. Staffing and training.

4. Procurement of mixing station equipment and related supporting products.

Small concrete batching plant models

The small mobile concrete batching plant for sale is usually YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50 or YHZS60. They are mostly used in small engineering construction sites. They have low investment and good mixing effect. Haomei Machinery usually chooses twin shaft concrete mixer for the mobile concrete batching plants.

The twin shaft concrete mixer is mainly composed of a mixing drum, mixing shaft, driving device, piping, cover plate, chain cover and other components.

1. The mixing drum is mainly composed of aluminum plates and shaped steel. It is welded and formed in the manufacturing plant and assembled with other components. It is the support of the twin-shaft mixer. The shell is tightly sealed and there will be no flying ash or ash leakage.

2. The mixing shaft is the main component of the twin-shaft mixer, which mainly includes left and right spiral shafts, bearing seats, bearing sleeves, bearing caps, gears, sprockets, oil cups, blades and other parts. The left and right spiral shafts require high manufacturing precision and good process performance, and have strict matching requirements with bearing seats, bearing sleeves and bearing caps.

3. The cover mainly includes left cover, middle cover, right cover, hole cover and inspection hole cover, etc. There are six inspection holes on both sides of the twin-shaft mixer to facilitate daily inspection and maintenance by operators.

4. The water-adding and humidifying piping is mainly composed of pipes, joints and nozzles. The nozzle adopts a stainless steel atomizing cone nozzle, which is arranged above the inside of the mixer casing and arranged axially along the spiral axis to form a water curtain to facilitate humidification and mixing of the material.

Different types of mobile concrete batching plants are matched with different types of concrete mixers. Proper mixer matching will not only save the cost of purchasing mixing station equipment, but also save floor space, improve equipment production efficiency, and extend the service life of the equipment.

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