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Small Cement Silo for Sale

Sep 27, 2023

The vertical cement silo is a a closed steel silo for storing cement, fly ash and other construction materials. Its entire silo is cylindrical and the bottom is mostly inverted cone, making it easy to access materials. The cement silo is mainly composed of the following parts: steel structure part of the silo, ladder, guardrail, feeding pipe, dust collector, pressure safety valve, high and low material level gauge, discharge valve, etc.

The cement silo has a cylindrical structure, which increases the volume inside the silo and prevents hiding and accumulation of materials; there are four cylindrical tube legs at the bottom for support, which enhances the balance and stability of the entire silo. The entire body is made of steel structure and is welded to enhance the sturdiness of the warehouse. There is a dust collector and pressure safety valve on the top to prevent material contamination and improve the storage safety of the material warehouse.

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The discharge height of cement silos is mostly 1.96 meters and 4.2 meters. There are various capacity specifications, including 50t, 65t, 80t, 100t, 150t, 200t, 250t, 300t, 500t, etc., but it can also be customized according to the user's requirements.

The diameter of each model of cement silo is also different. Generally, the number and model of cement silos used in small batching plants are also small. For example, a 50t cement silo is enough for the hzs25 concrete batching plant and a large cement silo can be used for large batching plants.

There are several types of small cement silos for sale: 30t, 50t, 80t, and 100t. As for how to match the cement silo with the concrete batching plant, it depends on the practical situation. Generally, the powder batching system of a small concrete batching plant can be equipped with two cement silos and one fly ash silo. The three powders are transported to the water and liquid mixture through their respective screw conveyors and pumped into the metering hopper.

Features of cement silo

1. Good air tightness and wide application

A special equipment is used for bending and biting to ensure the workmanship quality of every part of the silo. Therefore, the sealing performance of this cement silo is particularly outstanding, it can store all kinds of ultra-fine powdery materials, and it is moisture-proof and leak-proof.

2. Short construction period and low cost

The installation of cement silos can be carried out on site, with fast installation speed and short construction period. The entire warehouse is made of thin steel plates, which is low in weight and greatly reduces the cost.

3. Small footprint and light weight

The optional range of silo height and diameter is large, and the spacing between silos is small, which can fully utilize the space.

Structural features

1. Mini cement silo is generally supporting equipment for concrete batching plants.

2. Generally, bulk cement conveyor trucks transport the powder into the silo by air. Depending on the structure of the cement silo, there are two ways to unload. One is to connect the lower part with a screw conveyor, and the powder is fed into the powder meter through the screw conveyor. The other is to use pneumatic conveying (for cement tanks with special structures).

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