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Planetary Concrete Mixer V Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Jul 29, 2020

As the basic equipment for the engineering construction and building materials production, the concrete mixers have an irreplaceable and important role. Two of the best concrete mixers are planetary concrete mixer and China twin shaft concrete mixer. What are their differences?

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Mixing principle

For the twin shaft concrete mixer, the mechanical force mainly comes from the horizontal mixing shafts in the mixing drum. The rolling of the main shafts drives the mixing blade on the shaft to mix the mixture.

For the planetary concrete mixer, its mixing principle is a little complex. Its mixing function is significantly better than that of many concrete mixing equipment. It mixing is characterized in that while the planetary mixer is rotating, it is also revolving, just like planetary motion in the universe. It can mix the material in all directions, which brings more even mixing effect.

Compared with the twin shaft concrete mixer, it is of more even mixing, low failure rate and no dead corners. Twin shaft concrete mixer has a mixing inefficient zone and a dead corner.

Application scope

The twin-shaft mixer is to mix dry concrete, semi-dry concrete, lightweight aggregate, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, high fluid concrete,etc. In addition to the concrete production, the planetary concrete mixer is also widely used in the refractory industry, cement prefabrication, ceramic industry and light industry.

Although the planetary concrete mixer has better mixing performance, the twin shaft concrete mixer is applicable for the production of most concrete. Its match with concrete batching plant is more mature. At the same time, its price is much cheaper than the planetary concrete mixer.

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