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How to Choose China Asphalt Mix Batch Plant

Nov 30, 2021

China asphalt mix batch plant refers to complete sets of equipment used for mass production of asphalt concrete. This equipment can produce asphalt mixtures, modified asphalt mixtures, and colored asphalt mixtures. It can be divided into batch type and continuous type according to the mixing method

It is a necessary equipment for building expressways, graded highways, municipal roads, airports, and ports. The model and production capacity of the mixing equipment are usually determined according to the working conditions, construction requirements, engineering quantity, and construction period of the asphalt pavement.

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1. Stationary asphalt plant VS Mobile asphalt plant

If the construction site is fixed, the stationary asphalt plant is an ideal choice. If the construction site is too small and you need frequent transfer, mobile asphalt plant is a better choice. But you need to notice that the capacity of the mobile one is usually small.

2. Batch type or Drum type

The China batch type hot mix plant has a complete structure while the China drum type hot mix plant has no "screening system" and separate mixing system and uses a belt scale for continuous cold aggregate measurement, so it has less parts and simper maintenance, but it has high requirements for the aggregates.

A. If the aggregate source, classification quality, moisture content, and dust rate are all stable, then you can choose asphalt drum mix plant, otherwise you need a asphalt batch mix plant.

B. If the mixing station site allows the construction of higher buildings, the asphalt batch plant can be chosen, otherwise continuous asphalt plant is needed.

C. The owner first considers the cost of product purchase and maintenance. The purchase cost and maintenance and operation cost of drum hot mix plant is relatively low, but it has high requirements for the specification level of the aggregate and the stability of the supply.

D. When adding recycled materials in batch type asphalt plant, an additional "regeneration system" must be added, and the proportion of recycled old materials usually does not exceed 30-50%. The continuous type usually has its own regeneration function, and the proportion of recycled materials can usually be added up to 50%.

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