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How to Choose Reliable Soil Cement Mixing Equipment

May 05, 2022

The quality of the soil cement mixing equipment has always been the most concerned issue for customers, and everyone hopes that the equipment they buy can be used for a long time without problems. So how to judge? There are a few tips.

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Soil cement mixer

If the mixer of the stabilized soil mixing station is a self-falling mixing drum, the radial of its discharge port should not exceed 1% of the diameter of the feeding port. It is also necessary to check the quality of the steel bars of the vibrating screen on the mixer of the stabilized soil mixing plant and the reasonable size of the screen and the screen hole, and check the installation accuracy of the screen. The operation of the transmission system should be flexible and there should be no abnormal noise.

Other systems for stabilized soil mixing plant

The transmission of belt conveyors, bucket elevators and cantilever draglines should be stable, the operation of the stabilized soil mixing station should be flexible and the metering system should be of sensitivity and accuracy.

How to choose the supporting equipment of stabilized soil mixing plant? Is there a standard?

The operation of the soil cement mixing equipment is obtained by the cooperation of different systems, so how to correctly select the supporting equipment of the stabilized soil mixing plant?

Proper power

When selecting a soil cement mixing equipment, we must select the appropriate power mixing plant equipment according to the analysis of various information of the construction project.

Excellent performance

When we choose a soil mixing equipment, we must carefully understand the working performance data of the equipment from the manufacturer, so as to ensure the matching between the various equipment of the mixing station.

Right installation process

When installing and debugging the soil cement mixing equipment, it is necessary to carefully check whether each part between the equipment is installed in place, so as to avoid damage to the equipment during the debugging process.

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