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Which Are Cheap Mobile Concrete Plant

May 05, 2022

The cheap mobile concrete batching plant usually refers to small models of truck-mounted mobile mixing plant and drum mobile concrete batching plant. Its flexibility is unmatched, which is an ideal choice for the small and medium-sized projects. It is easy to install, no need for foundation and no debugging.

The mixing host of the traditional mobile concrete batching plant is twin shaft concrete mixer. The small mobile concrete mixing plant is mainly divided into two types: traction type and trailer type.

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The towed chassis contains complete front and rear axles, and adopts an integrated design structure. The mobile mixing station is towed by a trailer to reach the production site for mixing operation.

The trailer-type chassis has only the rear axle, and the front end is placed on the saddle axle of the tractor. The difference between the towed-mounted mobile batching plant and the trailer-type ones is that a special trailer is required for mobile operations.

Drum mobile mixing plant is a combination of drum concrete mixer, batching system, weighing system, unloading and automatic control system on one trailer unit. It is a mobile concrete mixing plant equipment. The station is often used in small construction sites or enterprises that need to transfer the site as the project progresses, which can save complex site infrastructure costs.

The mobile drum-type concrete mixing plant adopts a modular assembly structure. The drum-type mixing host adopts PLC automatic control mode, with low noise, less dust and convenient operation. The bulk small mobile batching plant is suitable for town infrastructure construction projects, roads and bridges, etc.

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