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HZS180 Concrete Plant for High Speed Railway

Sep 11, 2020

The high speed railway has high requirements on track displacement and relative space size. High-strength elastic fasteners are used in the seamless track to firmly lock the rail on the roadbed to resist thermal expansion and contraction.

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This design puts forward higher requirements on the roadbed, and the gravel laid under the ordinary railway cannot meet the requirements, so the ballastless track made of concrete is needed.The concrete needed to pave the roadbed is not only large in quantity but also in higher quality.

Our HZS180 concrete plant is with the output of 360 m3/h is specially designed for the high speed railway projects. The double mixers can load and unload materials at the same time, and the production efficiency is high. 12 cement silos surrounds the double mixers. At the same time, for environmental protection, the entire mixing plant is fully enclosed.

The mixing plant is next to the material room, which stores a large amount of raw materials. What's more, the batching machine is also set in the material room, which can ensure the material quality, reduce the loading time and lighten the pollution and waste during feeding.

The materials stored in the batching machine include sand, 10-20mm crushed stone, 5-10mm crushed stone, etc. The bins of the concrete batching machine can be equipped according to the needs.

As a concrete batching manufacturer, our wet stationary concrete plant is widely used for highways, high speed railways, civil bridges, etc. According to the customer’s feedback and actual work experience, we have developed special high speed railway concrete batch plant. Welcome to leave message below to tell us your requirements.

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