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Is Small Concrete Mixer And Pump Good to Use

Jun 24, 2020

As a small concrete pump, small concrete mixer and pump has quickly brought huge changes to the residential construction industry because of high practicability, high efficiency and high safety.

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The questions of traditional construction method such as labor shortage and insecurity brought by floor increase have been no longer problem by using concrete mixer machine with pump. Is it really good to use and safe? Let’s make a comparison between the concrete mixing pump and ladder-type mixers.

The construction method of the concrete mixer with pump is to pump the concrete directly to the pouring point through the pipeline. The construction process is to feed the mixer with a small forklift. The entire process of the mixing and conveying operation is controlled by remote control, which saves labor cost and intensity.

There is no risk of residual material falling off when pumping concrete through the pipeline to pour high-rise buildings, and the construction efficiency of the pipeline transportation is fast and good. As long as the pipeline can reach the site, the concrete can be poured on site construction.

The construction method of the ladder-type mixer is to mix the concrete, pour it into the hopper, and then use the elevator to pull up along the ladder to the floor, and then the workers will use the trolley to receive the material and transport the concrete to the pouring point.

There may be a lot of potential safety hazards due to the instability of the elevator. In addition, there is also a risk of the falling off of concrete, which may cause hurt to the operators or pedestrians downstairs.

As a whole, the diesel concrete mixer pump makes many improvement for simplifying the wholee process and higher safety. If you just join the construction industry, small investment cost also makes it an ideal choice to start business.

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