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What Are The Advantages of Concrete Mixer With Pump for Sale

Jun 24, 2020

The concrete mixer with pump for sale is very practical. The simple operation makes it own obvious advantages. Since it was born, the small concrete mixer and pump has changed the traditional construction method in the rural area.

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It is a construction equipment developed to solve the problems of village and town construction such as the inconvenience of village and town construction and the increase in labor costs. What are its advantages? Let’s have a look together.

1. The produce concrete is more uniform and dense. Both the strength or tensile resistance has been improved a lot.

2. With two function in one, the equipment cost has been reduced a lot.

3. The construction period is shortened by 50%, and the labor cost is reduced by more than 30%.

4. With improved concrete quality, the construction quality is better. The building is stronger and of higher seismic resistance.

5. The diesel concrete mixer pump has no need for electricity, which ensure the continuous concrete production in those regions with backward electricity.

6. With enough hydraulic pressure, it can reach any height with enough pipelines.

7. The transmission power can reach 40/50m3/h, the horizontal transmission distance can reach 420/850 meters, and the vertical transmission distance can reach 90/150 meters. It is suitable for various wild environments.

If you just join the construction industry and your present market is mainly small projects, it is undoubtedly an ideal construction equipment. Welcome to inquire concrete mixer with pump price from Haomei Machinery directly.

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