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Small Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale

Dec 27, 2022

The small concrete mixing plant is easy to operate and of high production efficiency. It is easy to move, so it is suitable for small and medium-sized construction applications. For such small ones, its production cost like labor cost and raw material cost is also very low. The common models are HZS25, HZS35 and HZS50 small concrete batch plant.

According to the use purpose of the produced concrete, it can be divided into engineering concrete mixing plants and commercial concrete mixing plants. The finished concrete produced by engineering concrete mixing plants are mainly suitable for a single engineering project, and the general production capacity is limited; the finished concrete produced by commercial concrete mixing plants can be applied to different construction sites and circulate in an orderly manner like commodities.

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The configuration of the smalll concrete batch plant determines the price of the concrete plant for sale. The specific configuration of the mixing station depends on the customer's actual needs in terms of product specifications, output and applications.

The configuration of concrete mixing plant equipment is appropriate to meet production needs and ensure continuous supply of concrete. The construction contractors should reasonably calculate the peak demand for concrete in the supply section of each mixing plant, and the production capacity of the mixing unit and the transportation capacity of the mixer truck should meet the peak production demand. In general, the actual production capacity of the concrete mixing plant should be calculated based on 70% of its theoretical production capacity.

The HZS25 mixing plant is a small and simple concrete plant for sale. The theoretical output of this device is 25 cubic meters per hour. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient disassembly, and convenient construction. The cost of investing in this type of mixing plant is relatively low due to low equipment cost and less land occupancy. It is is suitable for large prefabricated component factories and small industrial and civil construction projects such as roads and bridges. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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