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The Development History of Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump for Sale

Dec 29, 2022

The research on concrete line pump truck began at the beginning of the last century. In 1902, France first obtained a patent. In 1907, France began to research concrete pumps. In 1913, many people in the United States obtained patents and produced them. The first concrete pump was produced, but could not be used. In 1927, France's Fritz Hell (Fritz Hell) designed and produced the first concrete pump, and it was first used.

In 1930, Germany produced a column-type single-slot valve piston rod concrete pump. This pump is driven by a crank and remote rod mechanism. The whole device is poorly constructed and therefore has weak working characteristics.

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In 1932, the Dutchman J. C. Kooyman made a great improvement on the basis of the column cylinder, changed the vertical cylinder into a horizontal cylinder, and produced the Kooyman type concrete pump which has laid the foundation for the development trend of modern concrete pump technology.

In 1959, the Schwing company in the former West Germany produced real full hydraulicconcrete trailer pump for sale. The world's two largest concrete pump manufacturers, Schwing and Putzmeister, dominate the sales market. The product varieties, specifications and models are all complete, and each has a unique key technology. For example, Putzmeister mainly adopts closed hydraulic system and S-pipe multi-way valve, while Schwing Company adopts open hydraulic system and unique skirt valve.

In recent years, Chinese trailer mounted concrete pump for sale has developed a large scale. According to the survey, there are more than one hundred trailer concrete pump manufacturers in China. However, the technical strength, processing technology, and production capacity of each manufacturer’s products vary greatly, and they can be roughly divided into three levels.

The first echelon is headed by Sany and Zhonglian, followed by Haomei Machinery, Hongdeli, Jiaerhua, Debon Logistics Heavy Industry Machinery, Zhongsi Chen, etc. In terms of reliability and some process parameters, although there are still some differences with the the top international brands, the differences are not significant. On the contrary, Chinese trailer concrete pumps have comparative advantages in terms of price and after-sales service.

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