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Three Main Types of Cement Silos

Apr 07, 2021

The cement silo is one of the main configurations of the concrete batching plant and indispensable part to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the concrete mixing plant. There are three main types: vertical cement silo, bolted cement silo and horizontal cement silo.
Cement silo is generally used in the bulk cement storage of concrete mixing plants, which is suitable for storing cement, fly ash, and other bulk materials. Its level indicator can display the location and amount of the cement;the aeration pad can remove the solidity caused by the material deposition.

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The combination of cement silo and screw conveying pump can transport cement to the concrete mixer. The top of the cement silo is equipped with an electric dust removal device, which can effectively absorb suspended particles in the silo and reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.

The vertical cement silo is a kind of integrated cement silo, which is usually for stationary concrete batching plant. This type of cement silo is directly manufactured in the factory. It has the advantages of high strength, good sealing performance, rust and corrosion resistance, etc., and is widely used in the storage of cement, fly ash and mine powder.

The bolted cement silo is mainly used for export. Its disassembly and assembly feature is convenient for long-distance transportation, and Haomei bolted type cement silos have been widely exported to various countries such as Australia, Philippines, Kenya,etc.

The horizontal cement silo is a new type of bulk cement storage equipment, also called container silo. The horizontal cement silo is equipped with a cement discharge port and a screw conveyor at the bottom.

Compared with the traditional vertical cement silo, the horizontal cement silo has low requirements on the foundation, which can be directly placed on the ground, and can be easily transported by truck or flatbed without disassembly.

Due to its unique advantages, horizontal cement silos are widely used in various mobile concrete mixing plants, foundation-free concrete mixing plants and other temporary concrete mixing plants or stabilized soil mixing plants.

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