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The Main Parts of Hot Mix Plant For Road Construction

Jun 17, 2021

Different models and different types of hot mix asphalt plant for road construction have different features, which have different effects. Let’s have a look of its main parts:

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Excellent mixing performance

The asphalt mixing plant adopts screw-type twin shaft asphalt concrete mixing method, the rated productivity can be reached when the filling rate is 45%. The synchronous drive double-shaft mixing system, centralized lubrication system, and imported reducer, as well as the use of imported bearings, all have created a high-quality hot mix plant.

Efficient screening system

It refines the screen specifications, optimizes the combination, and adopts a single-layer multi-specification intermittently sorted three-dimensional screen layout structure, which meet different types of ingredients, and there is no need to replace the sieve. It can also effectively avoid the generation of resonance.

Reliable drying drum

Four imported shaft-mounted motor reducers are used as power. The drum is wrapped with thermal insulation material and stainless steel plate to effectively prevent heat loss. The burner adopts low pressure oil and high pressure wind atomization, which can meet the use of different types of fuel under various working conditions. The unique silencer design greatly reduces the noise pollution on site.

Hot aggregate silo

Haomei hot mix asphalt plant adopts the large-capacity configuration of the double-layer hot aggregate silo system, with an effective capacity of 150t, continuous level indication, fully enclosed heat preservation and automatic control of overflow and waste.

Multi-stage cold aggregate supply system

The equipped cold aggregate bins can fully meet the grading of different aggregate sizes. The cold aggregate is supplied with frequency conversion speed control and the speed can be automatically adjusted according to output setting and ratio requirements. It is equipped with an imported reducer motor with a material break alarm device.

Excellent environmental protection and economic performance

The use of high-efficiency pulse bag dust removal system truly realizes an environmentally friendly working environment. The scientific optimization design with the excellent and accurate weighing system has obvious energy-saving effect in terms of fuel consumption and power usage.

Reliable and stable control system

The high-speed Mitsubishi PLC is used as the control system of the equipment to control the production process of the equipment. The program completely adopts EPROM storage technology, which makes the program storage more stable and reliable, and the concept of zero-fault system can be realized.

The system structure adopts a modular hardware structure. The two systems of microcomputer monitoring and touch screen monitoring are independent of each other. If one system fails, the other system can work to ensure that the equipment does not stop. Welcome to leave message below to inquire hot mix plant price.

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