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What Are Hot Mix Plant Air Pollution Control Measures

May 15, 2024

When asphalt and heavy oil are heated, flue gas emissions are a major source of air pollution. Installing a flue gas condenser in asphalt tanks and heavy oil tanks has a good condensation effect and can effectively condense most of the harmful substances in the oil fume into a liquid state. It will flow back to the storage tank under its own weight and be put back into use without generating secondary emissions. The device is easy to install and does not occupy additional space. The condenser is detachable, which facilitates exhaust pipe cleaning and subsequent equipment maintenance.

Generally, an asphalt batch mix plant uses coal-fired and heavy oil burners, which will produce a large amount of sulfur and nitrogen compounds and pollute the atmosphere. Its energy utilization rate is also low. To achieve higher emission standards, it is recommended to use clean energy - natural gas as fuel.

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The use of natural gas can reduce CO2 emissions by more than 30% compared to fuel (heavy oil). The emissions of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxides can be reduced to 200 mg/Nm3. At the same time, sulfur dioxide emissions can be achieved at zero, and flue gas dust emissions can be controlled at 50 mg. /Nm3 or less.

Asphalt smoke is the most important air pollution emission produced during the production of new asphalt plants for sale.using natural gas as fuel, and it is closely related to the prevention and control measures taken by the production equipment. How to prevent and deal with the asphalt fumes generated during the production process of asphalt mixing stations?

Incineration treatment

The asphalt smoke is led from the finished product warehouse to the burner. The air induction system inhales the asphalt smoke into the flame of the burner. The collected smoke is ejected from the annular air duct of the burner and evenly enters the air duct at the flame in the drying barrel.

The most effective collection method at the discharge port is to set up a channel with a rolling shutter door at the discharge port. By installing a control component at the discharge port, the asphalt flue gas is collected through the adjustment of the windshield.

Adsorption collection

Adsorption collection is mainly divided into three types: electrostatic, media filtration, and powder-coated smoke.

What is powder coated smoke

Similar to the bag dust collector, the powder-coated smoke filtration device adds fiber materials to the asphalt smoke pipeline to fully mix it with the asphalt smoke, and then removes it by the bag dust collector. The powder-coated smoke method requires regular replacement of the filter to meet the pressure difference requirements of the dust collector.

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