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Where Is A Soil Cement Stablization Mixing Plant Different from A Concrete Plant

May 21, 2024

Is a concrete mixing plants and a soil cement stablization mixing plant the same? The answer is definitely no. Stabilized soil mixing plants and concrete mixing plants are two different types of equipment. Their production methods and usage requirements are different. The two types of equipment cannot be used interchangeably. So, what are the general differences between them?

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1. Different uses. Stabilized soil mixing station is used to produce stabilized soil. Stabilized soil is a mixture that is evenly mixed with cement and various fine-grained soil, medium-grained soil and coarse-grained soil. The amount of cement used is relatively small.mostly used in the base and sub-base of highways. Concrete batching plants are used to produce concrete and are mainly used in engineering construction.

2. The proportion of cement used is different. Stabilized soil requires relatively less cement, so the number of cement silos in the stabilized soil mixing station will be smaller. Generally, only 1-2 cement silos are enough. The model is also smaller, about 100 tons. The concrete mixing station needs to use more cement silos, generally from 100 tons to 300 tons.

3. The stabilized soil batching plant usually use dynamic metering, which does not require high precision in the proportioning. They can weigh while conveying and mixing, which results in higher productivity. Most concrete mixing stations use static weighing, which means that the next round of material proportioning is weighed only after a certain proportion of weight has been weighed.

4. The mixers are different. The concrete mixing station is mainly based on JS twin-shaft concrete mixer while the stabilized soil batching plant uses a twin-shaft continuous liner-less mixer.

5. The proportion of stabilized soil is not very accurate, and the requirements for concrete are high, requiring high-precision proportioning.

6. They have different process flows. The production process of a stabilized soil mixing plant is relatively complex and requires multiple processes such as material pretreatment, drying, mixing, water addition, mixing, etc.; while the production process of a concrete mixing plant is relatively simple and mainly involves mixing.

What is stabilization concrete mixer

It is an efficient and reliable solution for continuous mixing processes, especially for processing coarse aggregates. The stabilization concrete mixers are mainly suitable for producing mineral mixtures, cement-stabilized gravel base concrete, backfill sealants, lean concrete, heavy concrete and dry mixes, etc. Haomei also offers complete sets of continuous mixing equipment, including a variety of proven weighing, metering and control technologies, as well as individual equipment components.

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