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Concrete Mixing Equipment and Cement Silo

May 08, 2024

The cement silo of a concrete mixing plant is one of its key components and is used to store and transport cement, fly ash and other raw materials. The low profile cement silo for sale is the most common model and consists of a cylindrical silo and a bracket. The warehouse body is usually made of steel and lined with an anti-corrosion layer. It has good acid and alkali resistance and can store a large amount of cement powder.

The mobile cement silos like ordinary vertical cement tanks, are available in 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons,etc. It can provide double-sided designs and can be designed according to user needs.

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Horizontal cement silos can be produced without foundation. Its installation is relatively simple. There is no need to lay a foundation. As long as it is placed on a fixed ground surface without tilting and deformation due to gravity, horizontal cement silos are safer to a certain extent.

Generally speaking, the selection of the number of cement tanks should be based on the actual amount of materials required. If the mixing station site is far away from the cement manufacturer, the freight cost is high and the transportation time is long, a sufficient amount of cement powder needs to be reserved, and several cement silos need to be prepared.

For machines with diverse types and models like concrete mixing equipment, choosing the one that suits you is undoubtedly a big problem. So how do we choose the appropriate concrete mixer model in construction projects? You can choose one according to the mixing speed and construction period requirements of the concrete mixer, the material composition, the designed concrete type and compositional properties and consistency. The following ones are the popular models at present.

The fully automatic concrete mixer is completely controlled by a computer system. It will be very accurate in weighing, proportioning and loading. Of course, provided that the human settings are correct, there will be no errors in various data, thus ensuring that the stable concrete quality.

JS500 concrete mixer is a small twin shaft concrete mixing equipment. It feeds 800 liters and produces half a cubic meter of concrete (500 liters) every 60s, which is approximately 0.5 cubic meters of concrete. The JS500 mixer is used in HZS25 concrete mixing plant, of which the hourly output is 25m3. The general working time is 8 hours, and the output volume per day is about 20*8=160 cubic meters.

1 cubic concrete mixer usually uses the JS1000 twin shaft mixer. The 1 cubic concrete mixer can be used as the mixing host of HZS50 and HZS60 concrete batching plant. The two mixing stations also use the JS1000 mixer, but use different weighing systems, so the output of the hzs50 station and hzs60 station is different. A cubic concrete mixer can mix 50-60 cubic meters of concrete per hour. Calculating 10 hours a day, a cubic mixer can mix 500-600 cubic meters of concrete per day.

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