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What Are The Top Two Concrete Pumps

Apr 29, 2024

Concrete pump truck

The hydraulic piston concrete pump is fixedly installed on the chassis of the car. When used, it is driven to the location where construction is required to carry out concrete pumping operations. It is called a concrete lorry with pump. It is a common mechanical equipment in many construction parties at present, greatly improving construction efficiency.

The entire pump truck is mainly composed of concrete pushing mechanism, distribution gate valve mechanism, hopper mixing device, boom system, operating system, cleaning system, transmission system, automobile chassis and other parts.

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Working principle

The working principle is to take out the power of the engine through the power take-off device, which drives the variable pump of the hydraulic system, converts the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and transmits it to the quantitative motor. The motor then drives the reducer, and the reducer drives the mixing drum device to mix the concrete in the tank and and then use the conveying system to pump the concrete.

Features of concrete pump trucks

1. High utilization rate

The utilization rate of the boom pump is very high. As long as the construction conditions permit, the equipment can maximize its useful work and the pumping speed is very high.

2. Fast and efficient

The concrete boom pump integrates pumping and driving in one. The pumping speed is very fast and the work efficiency is very high, which can save the time of taking over and reduce the pipe blockage rate. Precautions must be strictly followed when extending the concrete pump truck.

3. Small footprint

When designing the outriggers of the pump truck, in order to adapt to the narrow site conditions, the concrete pump truck is designed to occupy a small area after the outriggers are deployed, but the stability of the whole machine is not affected.

Concrete Mixing Pump

The cement mixer hydraulic pump can be used for concrete transportation in engineering construction, transportation of green soil, foundation pile grouting, and silt transportation. The mixing pump has a very high degree of automation. It integrates feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping into one, which can save a lot of labor costs. The equipment has high safety during construction, extremely low failure rate, and the overall reliability of the equipment is very high.

The concrete mixer pump can mix and transport 30 cubic meters of concrete per hour. The efficiency is much three times higher than that of traditional equipment. It can be fully automatically controlled and can be operated by one person. The actual revenue will also be about 3 times that of traditional equipment.

The cement mixer pump can generally reach a vertical height of 70 meters (20-25 floors). This height can generally meet the needs of self-built houses or even higher. The horizontal conveying distance is 300 meters, which can meet the hardening needs of rural roads.

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