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Counter-current Concrete Mixers for High Quality Mixing

Jun 12, 2024

The planetary concrete mixer uses a mature planetary mixing system to mix various aggregates with finer materials such as cement and fly ash very intensively in a very short time. By using a planetary mixing device, the mixing quality will be greatly improved, and a better product will be produced in the end.

The counter-current mixers can produce high-performance concrete such as UHPC(ultra-high performance concrete), GRC concrete, and RPC concrete. Its unique blades enable the material to move horizontally and vertically at the same time, which is more conducive to breaking the agglomeration of cement, making the molecules better combined, and achieving uniform mixing in a microscopic sense.

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The concrete planetary mixer s suitable for mixing raw materials such as precast concrete (PC components, pipe piles, sleepers, subway segments, floor tiles, guardrails, etc.), light industry, heavy chemical industry material (glass, ceramics), slag, fly ash, etc.

The main parts of the concrete planetary mixer are motor, reduction box, barrel cover (with observation door, inspection door, gas spring, limit switch, etc.), mixing device (mixing arm, mixing blade) and mixing body. Different sizes of concrete mixers ave different internal structures and different space sizes.

And the unloading door can be opened multiple times according to customer needs. The lifting hopper selection and various metering scale selection can be customized according to customer needs.

The counter-current mixer can be set to fully automatic or semi-automatic, with flexible operation options, which provides a guarantee for high-homogeneous mixing in the concrete industry. In addition, the specially developed sealing device of the planetary mixer is reliable and safe to use. The good sealing design has largely achieved zero pollution and high environmental protection in the mixing environment.

Vertical planetary mixer, a heavy duty concrete mixer is widely used in major projects, especially in the construction industry, roads, railways, bridges, etc. The equipment models range from 330-3000L, which can meet the requirements of various engineering quantities. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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