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What Will Affect The Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Price

Dec 24, 2019

The specific mobile concrete batching plant price is given based on the specific configurations. Generally speaking, the price of a higher configuration of the same mold is higher, otherwise, it will be low.

The small mobile batching plant price of different models is related to its mold and configurations. Therefore, when you consult mobile mixing plant, you first need to determine the model and talk with the sales staff about the detailed equipment configuration.

portable mobile concrete batching plant moduler design.jpgThe mobile concrete mixing plant is compact, light and convenient for overall migration,which has a close relationship with its special structure. Now let’s come to know its structure.

1. Mainframe

The chassis contains trailer truck traction pins and parking legs. Concrete mixer, cement and water admixture measurement scales, inspection walkways, railings,etc are all installed on the chassis.

2. Control room

The control room is located at the bottom of the main chassis of the mobile concrete plant. All its control lines don’t need removing when the plant moves to another construction sites.

2.jpg3. Aggregate Batching Metering

This system is located at the rear end of the whole station, and the upper part is the aggregate (sand, stone) storage hopper. Its bottom is equipped with a walking rear axle and supporting legs.

4. Belt Conveyor Frame

This frame is a truss structure that connects the mainframe chassis and the aggregate batching frame.

5. Peripheral Components

It is a cement warehouse and a screw conveyor. They do not need to be disassembled, so they can be transported, disassembled and assembled as a whole.

6. Concrete Mixer

Haomei mobile concrete plant for sale usually adopt twin shaft concrete mixer, which can quickly and evenly mix the fluid and dry hard concrete.

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