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Mobile Construction Equipment: Mobile Mixing Plants

May 29, 2024

The mobile concrete batch plant is a mobile construction equipment that centralizes the material storage, weighing, transportation, mixing, unloading and automatic control systems of the concrete mixing station on a trailer chassis. YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60, YHZS75, YHZS90, YHZS120 these models are available.

For temporary projects, the advantages of this equipment are very suitable for the needs of temporary projects. For the engineering projects featuring long engineering line and limited space, this equipment can be moved with the project and does not require a large space to build. It can also be use for commercial renting, which can expand their own business.

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The mobile concrete mixing plants can be easily transported by sea or land and can be put into use easily. It can work in a smaller space and is easy to assemble and disassemble. Its transportation cost is low and so is the daily maintenance cost.

You should choose which form of portable mixing plants should be based on your actual situation. Mobile concrete mixing stations are divided into drum-type mobile concrete plant and standard mobile concrete batching plant.

The drum-type mobile mixing station uses a rotary concrete mixer as the mixing host. Its main features are relatively low cost, high mixing and discharging efficiency, simple structure, and easy and fast maintenance. In addition, aggregates with larger particle sizes can be mixed, but if the grade of concrete required exceeds C30, it is not recommended to use a drum-type mobile concrete batching plant.

YHZS35 mobile mixing station is the most frequently asked among all mobile mixing station models. In terms of production capacity, the theoretical productivity of the YHZS35 mobile mixing station is 35m3, which basically meets the demand for concrete for general construction. In terms of overall control stability, the design of each module of the YHZS35 mobile mixing station is scientific and rigorous, and they work well together. Moreover, the YHZS35 mixing station is very cost-effective and can provide customers with a great return on their investment.

Although the mobile mixing plants cannot move over long distances, it has a small moving range and a high degree of automation. It can be used in on-site mobile projects such as roads and airports to effectively reduce concrete transportation costs and ensure concrete construction quality. As for the price of mobile cement concrete mixing station, due to different configurations of mixing equipment, even for the same type of mixing equipment, the price will be different.

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