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Which One to Choose: Vertical or Horizontal Cement Silo

Jun 07, 2024

Among the components of a concrete batching plant, the cement storage is very important. So, should we choose a horizontal cement silo or a a vertical cement silo when building a concrete mixing station? What are the specific differences and how to choose?

The difference between cement horizontal silos and vertical cement silos mainly lies in the foundation, the height of the equipment, the applicable place, the role of weighing cement, the shape and appearance, etc.

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Different foundation

Horizontal cement silos do not require foundations and can be installed as long as the land is leveled. Horizontal cement silos are welded from container plates, with high strength, good sealing, easy disassembly and assembly, short installation cycle, and easy to move frequently.

Due to the height limitation of the silo, the vertical cement silo needs a foundation before installation, and can only be installed after the foundation is firm. After the construction site is completed, it needs to be processed on site and cannot be transferred completely.

Different heights

The bottom of the horizontal cement silo is supported by several legs, which is very convenient for disassembly and assembly. The transportation height and width are within the limit. It can be transported on the road using an ordinary truck, and can be transferred and recycled after the project is completed.

The height of the vertical cement silo is relatively high, usually about 8-15 meters in use. During transportation, it is limited in height, width and length, and it is inconvenient to enter and exit the construction site.

Different application scope

After the vertical cement silo is installed, the overall height is relatively high, and it is necessary to do a good job of wind and lightning protection. It cannot be used in places with limited height, such as corridor grouting construction. It is usually used for the storage of cement, sand, fly ash and other powder materials in concrete mixing plants and large mortar plants.

After installation, the overall height of the mobile cement silo is low, and the overall length is suitable for the storage of various bulk materials such as cement, fly ash, bentonite, etc. in the corridor.

With weighing system or not

After the vertical cement silo is filled with cement, the center of gravity is high, and the weighing system cannot be installed, and the weight of the cement in the silo cannot be accurately reflected.

The weighing sensor is installed at the bottom of the horizontal cement silo to reflect the weight of the cement in the silo in real time. It can be used with the intelligent pulping system to realize automatic output after cement weighing.

Different shapes

The vertical cement silo is a vertical, cylindrical equipment with high outrigger height. Horizontal cement silo is a horizontal, square equipment with low outrigger height.

Generally speaking, a small cement tank, such as a 30T cement tank, has a diameter of about 2.5 meters and a height of 5 meters. A cement tank of about 50T can be made into a diameter of 2.6 meters or a diameter of 3 meters, and the corresponding height is 8 or 6 meters. A cement silo 100 ton is a more commonly used model, with a diameter of 3 meters and a height of 11 meters. Welcome to leave message below o inquire cement silo 100 ton price.

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