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How to Prevent of the Rollover of 36m Concrete Pump

Mar 09, 2020

36m concrete pump is the most popular model of concrete pump truck family, which has been trusted by many companies in their work. During the operation, how to prevent its rollover? Haomei Machinery gives you some tips.

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1. Detecting the inclination sensor

The inclination sensor can sense the level of the vehicle and send horizontal angle information in real time, which can effectively prevent the concrete pump truck from tipping due to the slow ground subsidence.

The role of the inclination sensor is to measure the inclination of the vehicle in real time. The measurement accuracy of the inclination sensor is higher than 0.05 degrees. It can filter out the small tremor caused by engine and pump vibration, and trigger an alarm when the left and right angle is greater than 3 degrees or the front and the back angle is greater than 5 degrees.

2. Pay attention to the outrigger sensor

The outrigger sensor detects the force of each leg in real time. When the force of both legs on one side is is less than a certain value, a warning is issued or the current action is terminated in time.

Due to the shaking of the vehicle and the difference of the vertical height of the outriggers, the detected data may be not so accurate. There is a possibility of false signals and missing signals.

3. Watch out for faulty operations

There are many factors that cause the pump truck to tip over. In addition to the necessary protective measures, human judgment and the site experience of the operator are particularly important. A good operator is better than all smart devices.

The soft ground, hollow ground, field operations, and edge sites should be avoid as mush as possible.

4. The right pouring range

There are four pouring ways with different pouring range. When you operate, you should pay attention to the difference. Welcome to share with us if you know more about the operation of concrete pump. If you plan to buy concrete pump truck, we recommend Haomei Machinery for you.

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