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The Key Points for Design of Small Concrete Truck

Apr 17, 2020

The small concrete truck is an indispensable equipment in modern concrete construction, realizing the transportation of concrete between the concrete mixing plant and construction sites.

It has the dual functions of transportation and mixing, thus ensuring the concrete does not segregate within a certain transportation radius. The working principle is to take out the power of the car chassis through the power take-off device which drives the variable pump of the hydraulic system, converting the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to the quantitative motor. Then, the motor drives the reducer, and then the reducer drives the mixing device to achieve concrete mixing.


To reach its two functions, there are several design points for the small concrete mixer trucks. Take 4 yard concrete mixer truck for example.

1. The axle load distribution is reasonable

Whether the axle load distribution of the vehicle design is reasonable directly affects the operability, stability and safety of the concrete mixer truck. Different from other trucks, the concrete in the concrete truck is flowable. With the uphill and downhill, the concrete also move forward or backward, the position of the center of gravity is changing.

In the design process, firstly, use 3D software to calculate the position of the center of gravity of the concrete when uphill and downhill respectively, and then comprehensively consider the rational distribution of the front and rear axle loads, not only to ensure vehicle safety, but also to meet regulatory requirements.

2. Reliable performance of hydraulic system

The hydraulic transmission system of the small concrete truck is composed of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, reducer, oil radiator, oil pipe and joints, etc. It is a very critical system of the whole vehicle.

After the concrete is loaded into the mixing tank, it must be discharged to the working site within the specified time. During this period, it must be continuously mixed to prevent the condensation and segregation of the concrete.

3. Reasonable structural design of the mixing tank

The mixing tank is mainly composed of the head, front cone, middle barrel, and rear cone (including the raceway). There are two spiral blades welded in the tank. The glide angle formed by the two spiral blades in the mixing tank directly determines the stirring performance of the mixing tank. The previous mixing tank adopts Archimedes spiral principle, now it is logarithmic spiral theory. The angle does not change with the diameter of the mixing tank, so that the discharge becomes more smooth.

It is certain that the design of a concrete mixer truck cover more aspects than the above mentioned. As a concrete mixer truck manufacturer, Haomei Machinery will make more introduction in the following articles.

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