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How to Improve the Transportation Efficiency of Mini Concrete Truck

Dec 11, 2019

Mini concrete truck are often rent to work with concrete batch plant to transport the concrete to the job site. How long it takes per time has great effect on the money a mini concrete truck driver can earn. How to improve the efficiency? There are some tips for you.

38.jpg1. Reversing must be accurate. When loading concrete, the mini concrete mixer truck must be reversed into the production line and the mouth of the tank should be aligned with the the feeding mouth.

2. To load, or charge, raw materials from a concrete mixing plant into the mini concrete truck, the drum must be turned very fast in the charging direction. After the concrete is loaded and mixed, it is normally hauled to the job site with the drum turning at a speed of less than 2 rpm.

3. Fresh concrete is a perishable product that may undergo slump loss depending on temperature, time to the delivery point on the job site, and other factors. So a certain speed is required.

4. Pay attention to the signal voice. After the concrete is filled, the operator will whistle to indicate that you can go. Since the concrete batch plant is noisy, you must listen to the voice carefully. Failure to go in time will affect production efficiency.

The back of mini concrete mixer truck.jpg5. Keep it clean. Rinse the tank after discharging. After cleaning, drain the sewage into the designated place.

6. The tank should turn slowly when you drive on the road. Turning too fast will consume fuel, increase abrasion and speed up the slump loss.

7. After entering the construction site, pay attention to the road conditions. Many construction sites have no hardened ground. Once the mini cement truck gets stuck, it will be difficult to pull out.

It is certain that owing a quality mini concrete mix truck is the first important thing. The complete models of Haomei concrete mixer trucks will help you fined a proper one.

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