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How to Choose Fuel Oil for Hot Mix Asphalt Plant
Mar 19, 2020

The fuel oil for hot mix asphalt plant has two kinds: light oil and heavy oil? How to choose and how to use? Haomei, asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, tells you.

Where to Build Batch Type Hot Mix Plant
Mar 19, 2020

If you like to invest in batch type hot mix plant, Haomei Machinery, asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer, can offer you four professional tips. Learn more!

How to Maintain 52M Concrete Pump
Mar 12, 2020

The concrete pump truck cost of 52m concrete pump is not a small number. How to maintain the long boom concrete pump is an important question to extend service life. Learn more here.

How to Prevent of the Rollover of 36m Concrete Pump
Mar 09, 2020

Before buying concrete pump truck, knowing some operating knowledge is helpful to make right choice. How to prevent of rollover of 36m concrete pump? Haomei gives you an answer.

How Far Does A Trailer Line Pump Reach?
Mar 02, 2020

Haomei trailer line pump can reach 100 meters vertically and 300 meters horizontally. Its superior performance has close relationship with the configuration of small trailer concrete pump. Learn more!

What Should You Notice When Use A Concrete Mixer Pump
Feb 24, 2020

What to notice when use the concrete mixer pump to pump? Haomei, manufacturer of concrete mixer machine with pump, offer you three tips in pumping process. Learn more details here.

How to Set Up A Batching Plant with 500 Cubic Meter
Feb 20, 2020

How to set up a batching plat with daily output of 500 cubic meter? We recommend hzs90 concrete batching plant with js 1500 concrete mixer. Haomei offers you a practical solution.

How Does JS 500 Mixer Work
Feb 18, 2020

How does js 500 mixer work? The mixing efficiency and quality greatly depends on the mixing shaft and blades. Haomei twin-shaft mixers manufacturer tells you how it works. Learn more!

What Are the Structural Features of Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck
Feb 04, 2020

Scientific structure makes self loading concrete mixer truck integrates loading, weighing, mixing, transport and unload. What are the structural features of self loading mixer machine? Come to know!

Daily Maintenance of Self Loading Mixer Machine
Feb 03, 2020

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is more and more popular. If you plan to buy or have one, how to do daily maintenance of self loading mixer machine? Haomei self loading transit mixer gives you some suggestions.

How to Maintain Mobile Concrete Plant in Winter
Jan 13, 2020

what should we do to make mobile concrete plant perform well in the winter? There are tips from six parts that Haomei portable concrete plant offers you. Learn more.

How to Choose A Right Concrete Mixer for A Concrete Plant
Jan 09, 2020

How to choose stationary batching plant and concrete mixer according to the annual output. There is the formula for you to prove . For example, js1000 concrete mixer for hzs60 concrete batch plant.

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